Project: Home Climbing Wall

Client: Daryl L.

Location: Escondido, Ca.


Daryl’s daughter is a national-level competitive climber, and Daryl wanted a home climbing wall for her to train and play on. The terrain was to be varied: a slab wall, an overhung wall with a roof and a corner slab wall. Since the garage space had no ceiling joists to leverage, we had to build the climbing wall with the wall and floor as the primary weight-bearing elements.


We used pressure-treated 2x6 and 2x4s for the framing and 3/4 inch plywood for the walls. Each of the walls had a pattern of holes drilled and with t-nuts hammered into place to support the climbing holds.


Once all the building was done all the edges were sanded to soften the corners and Bondo was used to fill any gaps and sanded to a smooth finish.


Next step: painting and texturing.


Job Duration:

2 weeks