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Lighting, Cabinets &

Painting Project

Project: Lighting, Cabinets & Painting

Client: Tanya & Steve

Location: Escondido, Ca.


The Challenge

  • Open up the kitchen ceiling and install cam lighting

  • Cabinet sand, prime and paint

  • Drywall repair with matching texture, prime and paint

Kitchen Ceiling

We removed existing panelling and lighting. We installed variable switch cam lighting, corner beads for the drywall careful to match existing texture. Primed, painted and finished to perfection.


Cabinet Overhaul

Removed and sanded cabinets. Updated hardware and door handles. Primed, painted with Behr Alkyd paints for shell durability, and then carefully installed door handles and hinges.


Drywall Repair & Painting

Minor drywall repair and preparation for priming and painting.


Job Duration

 2 weeks

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